How did T's Toffee start?

You know that collection of recipes that get cut out of magazines and get thrown in a box, only to never be tried? Well there was a handwritten English Toffee recipe that was given to me many years ago. It was calling me to try it. One day I made it step by step just as it was written. It came out ok. So I had my husband try it and also gave some to my bosses for Christmas. Everyone loved it but I was not satisfied with the results. Something was just not right. So I kept revising the recipe and had my husband take batch after batch to the Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire District where he works and had the Fireman sample and give their opinions. With many trial and errors,
T’s Toffee was created. Can’t thank them enough.
I was quite content to just make the English Toffee for gifts but I had so many people encouraging me to start selling it. I was so scared as I have no experience in selling or having my own company. So after a push from a co-worker I signed up for a craft show. It was  a big one and I had no idea what I was getting into. I brought about 50 – 1lb bags. Within the first night we were sold out and had 2 more 11 hour days to go. That is when I knew I had something special.

It was at that very show where the phrase "Simply the Best" came from. Our booth buddies kept saying that phrase to everyone that walked by.

How did ‘The Teaser” come to be? When a sample is never enough……what else would you call it?
So I know what you are thinking “Why is your English Toffee so special”  I want to say Me… I make every batch myself. There is no high production manufacturer stirring the batches, dipping each piece and packaging. It is just me and Lance who oversee every step.
Why is T’sToffee special? Because of YOU. For each and every customer that has stopped by and sampled and purchased T’sToffee. Thank you for joining Lance and I on this journey.


I recently had the delightful experience of sampling your toffee, via Poppet Maulding and had to take the time to tell you how absolutely amazing it was.

Firstly, I’ve never been a big toffee fan, most toffees are too hard and brittle or sticks to your teeth. i refer to it as tooth-breaker candy. However, Poppet, twisted my arm and told me to trust her.

I am *absolutely* in love. The toffee melts in your mouth–it’s heaven. It’s buttery, as in one can denote the actual butter–not flavored margarine–BUTTER in every delectable nibble. And its the perfect consistency, when you bite it, it just falls apart so perfectly, the way toffee should do. And the chocolate.

This made a complete toffee lover out of me. Husband enjoyed it so much that he bought a Health bar the next day The toffee is truly the best i have ever had!!!


YES!!! So Freaking Good!!! Thank You!!! Bradford A

We tasted this at the Burlington Chocolate Fest. My 96 year old mother is in love with your toffee. She has a birthday coming up, so I’m getting her some more.

This toffee is melt-in-your-mouth good. I love toffee, especially around the holidays. It’s always great to give as a gift or simply pick some up to enjoy as a snack. When we met Theresa Milz, the owner of T’s Toffee, at The Chicago Fine Chocolate Show and tried her toffee, we knew we just had to have it again. It’s everything good toffee should be – rich, buttery and perfectly crunchy.

Although T’s Toffee is just a basic English toffee, it’s some of the best I’ve had. The flavor and consistency of this toffee is how I imagine the perfect toffee should be. The inside has a buttery caramel flavor and is not too hard, but not too soft. The chocolate coating is just thick enough to make a presence without overwhelming the toffee itself. With a dusting of crushed nuts on top, this English toffee is perfectly executed.

Homemade candy is one of my favorite treats around the holidays. T’s Toffee is the kind of homemade candy I would love to serve at a party or give as a gift because I know everyone is sure to love it. It can be hard to find high-quality toffee with the perfect crunch and mix of ingredients. Some toffee pieces are almost too hard to eat, and some are too soft so they stick to your teeth. This toffee is neither of those things.

If you’re in search of your favorite toffee, T’s Toffee just might be it. I can imagine this toffee becoming a family tradition, not just around the holidays but all year. But I should warn you if you have the pleasure of trying this toffee you’re at risk of eating the whole box. It’s that good.

Reviewed by Jordan Sward

Jordan Sward

Hi. I just wanted to thank you so much for the toffee. It’s the best I’ve ever had. I’ll tell my friends & neighbors about the toffee. Thank You! Ann Shue

Had to share… I met you at Navy Pier last October at the national Chocolate Show. I bought a small bag of toffee to take home but unfortunately have been utterly chocolate out since (I distribute Fanny May candy from my warehouse so chocolate seems to be everywhere)

Short end of the story–I gave your toffee to a friend of mine last week and he reported back today. Even though it has been sitting in the candy jar since October, it still tasted fresh and he utterly adored it.

🙂 GREAT toffee!!!

Jen Bunger, Cakes By Design--Shaumburg, IL

It’s the best toffee I’ve had since being a little girl and getting to buy toffee at Piper’s Homemade Candy Store in Iowa City in the 50’s & 60’s!

Your toffee tastes just like that famous toffee that i remember so fondly.

Linda H

Best Toffee in the World! Chef Ken Tuttle

One question; How do you keep from gaining 500 pounds with all that toffee around the house??? It’s very addicting!! Thanks again!! You made my day. Denie M.

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